PENTAX Introduces Optio T30 and Optio M30 Digital Cameras

PENTAX has introduced two new compact digital cameras. One of them - the PENTAX Optio T30 - is one of the thinnest digital cameras featuring a three inch LCD monitor. In addition, the Optio T30 features a touch display with a wide field of view for fun image capture and editing. This latest Optio also offers new functions such as Face Recognition Auto Focus and Auto Exposure to assure properly exposed portraits and a high ISO Digital Shake Reduction mode. The touch panel on the Optio T30 allows image customization with drawing functions while a unique Mode Pallete includes Auto Picture mode to access camera settings.

PENTAX also announced the latest model in the PENTAX Optio M series. Sporting an ultra-slim body with a fresh, textured design, the affordable Optio M30 features Digital Shake Reduction, Face Recognition AF and AE, and an Auto-Macro function that enables close-up photography up to two inches away in Super Macro mode and less than four inches in Auto Macro mode.

Both cameras will be available in March.

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