ISYS Search Software Supports MS Office 2007 Document Formats

ISYS Search Software has announced support for the newly released Microsoft Office 2007 document formats, offering immediate enterprise search functionality across core Office 2007 applications. ISYS also announced full support for Microsoft Windows Vista.

Microsoft Office 2007 includes new document types for all main Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access. Microsoft has also included enhancements in the form of XML Paper Specification (XPS), its new alternative to the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Congruent with enhancements in the Office product, Microsoft Windows Vista also comes with built-in support for XPS. To ensure a seamless transition for its customers moving to Office 2007 or Vista, ISYS has incorporated support for these new formats into its ISYS 8 platform.

ISYS 8 was released in September 2006 as a major upgrade that included several new features, including entity extraction, Microsoft SharePoint support, best bets and enhanced search analytics. In addition to support for new Microsoft file formats, ISYS 8 also introduced support of .wma and .wmv. formats.

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