Potentia Introduces First Primary Side Power Module for LCD TVs

Potentia Semiconductor has officially released the industry's first primary side power module for LCD televisions with screen sizes from 32" to 65". The PM-6010 enables LCD television manufacturers to cost-effectively build high efficiency power supplies with the industry's smallest size.

The PM-6010 is a power control and conversion module for primary side, off-line power factor correction and isolated DC-DC power conversion using LLC resonant power topologies. "The PM-6010 allows for multiple PFC topologies and a wide range of operating frequencies to provide a total solution for emerging power supply requirements", stated Tom Griffin, CEO of Potentia Semiconductor. The PM-6010 features the advantages of an integrated PFC and LLC allowing high operating frequency capability, on chip power conversion devices for improved energy and heat dissipation, and multiple built-in protection functions. The PM-6010 is available in versions that support 200-500 Watts range of power for LCD TVs that employ the direct powering of the CCFL backlighting from the PFC or traditional power topologies.

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