Biscom Announces Support for Vista and Microsoft 2007 Applications

Biscom has announced support for the Microsoft Vista operating system and integrations with the latest Microsoft applications, including Office 2007, Exchange Server 2007, and SharePoint 2007. These applications are supported by Biscom's FAXCOM Server solutions and the FAXCOM Anywhere hosted fax service.

The FAXCOM Server solution fax enables an organizations' users and applications, while tracking all fax activity and consolidating Telco resources. The FAXCOM Anywhere fax service offers the same fax capabilities, but communicates with users via email to send and receive faxes through Biscom's hosted data center.

All of Biscom's fax applications will support the Vista operating system, while continuing to support other existing platforms. Biscom's SMTP Gateway will support Exchange Server 2007 and Outlook 2007 so that users and applications can send, receive, and track faxes through email. The translation component of the FAXCOM Server will support conversion of Office 2007 documents to the TIFF file format for fax transmission. Integration with SharePoint Server 2007 will support outbound faxing as well as delivery of received faxes into SharePoint.

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