3D Systems Announces V-Flash Desktop Modeler

3D Systems has announced its plans to introduce a fast, simple and compact new office modeler, the V-Flash desktop modeler, this summer. The V-Flash desktop modeler can build ready-to-use, three-dimensional models within hours at home, school or office workstations. The model-maker will enable designers, engineers, hobbyists and students to imagine, design and produce their ideas at their desks.

The V-Flash desktop modeler is the first product 3D Systems plans to bring to market this summer that is based on a breakthrough fourth technology platform. This technology platform enhances 3D Systems' portfolio of Rapid 3D Printing, Prototyping and Manufacturing solutions. The company's development of cutting-edge proprietary, Film Transfer Imaging (FTI) technology enabled the development of this simple, fast and compact desktop modeler.

The 25-by-26-by-27 inch V-Flash desktop modeler will weigh about 100 pounds and have a maximum build volume of 7 by 9 inches and 8 inches tall. With standard power requirements, plug and play set-up and simple operation, the V-Flash desktop modeler will be office, home and school friendly. V-Flash -produced models will demonstrate SLA -like accuracy, resolution and quality. The ready-to-use models will be ready for use, testing and verification within hours.

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