FalconStor Announces Support of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

FalconStor has announced support of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with new data protection and recovery capabilities. The new capabilities extend continuous data protection (CDP) and continuous data replication (CDR) for Microsoft Exchange 2007 with guaranteed transactional integrity and very rapid recovery in the event of partial or full system failure, speeding recovery from hours to minutes.

FalconStor CDP takes continuous snapshots that capture and maintain the integrity of every transaction in Exchange, a guaranteed system that totally eliminates reinstallation or reconfiguration. The FalconStor Message Recovery option allows recovery of single messages and mailboxes. Via a simple 'wizard' interface, the long processes usually experienced when recovering data in Exchange are removed.

The FalconStor CDP with Microsoft Exchange 2007 offers customers the following benefits:
Data and system recovery in five minutes or less;
Continuous backup of data ensuring full data capture at the transaction level;
Single message, mailbox or entire email system protection in one solution;
Anytime backup without impact to the production environment.

FalconStor CDP used in conjunction with FalconStor DiskSafe protects direct attached storage on Microsoft Servers. DiskSafe is used for disk to disk backups for daily, hourly or every transaction protection. DiskSafe also provides 'bare metal' restore for the fastest recovery in the market. With this, an entire email system could be back up and running in five minutes, as IT can reboot from the backup image on the FalconStor CDP server. DiskSafe for Windows has been Certificated for Windows Server 2003.

FalconStor has extended its Continuous Data Protection and Continuous Data Replication to Exchange 2007 and Windows, providing 100% transactional integrity of every email and minimizing recovery time if failure occurs. FalconStor CDP complements the new high availability features including Continuous Replication, Local Continuous Replication, and Single Copy Cluster of Exchange 2007.

The 'Guaranteed System Continuity' of FalconStor CDP completely eliminates the need to reinstall or reconfigure any Enterprise systems in a recovery situation. No longer will companies have to suffer with long downtimes and arduous recoveries of Exchange data in the event of failure. After failure, data is easily recovered at any level - from a single message to an entire system - in a matter of minutes.

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