ActiveBatch's Support for Microsoft Windows Vista Announced

Advanced Systems Concepts has announced that ActiveBatch, its popular batch processing and job scheduling software solution for enterprise use, will fully support the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system in its ActiveBatch Service Pack 5.

ActiveBatch is an one-stop solution for unattended job execution across a variety of software platforms. The product is tightly integrated with Windows, giving it the ability to leverage many of that platform's security, management and scheduling capabilities while also simplifying learning and implementation curves.

ActiveBatch is used by an impressive list of companies around the world for dependable, 24/7 execution of critical data processing tasks, on time and on schedule. The application schedules and triggers assignments according to multiple parameters including event, data, date and time. ActiveBatch's advanced capabilities allow it to schedule, monitor, pass data and run jobs on platforms that are not only heterogeneous, but also geographically dispersed.

ActiveBatch is an application that supports a wide variety of constraints and variables. In addition to its sophisticated job scheduling components, the product can be accessed and controlled via a Web browser, with alerts and reports delivered to any desktop or wireless device.

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