FacetCorp Announces FacetPhone Version 4

FacetCorp has announced a broad series of major feature additions to FacetPhone. With the release of FacetPhone Version 4, support has been added for the Polycom SoundPoint IP phone, the best IP phone value in the industry. Version 4 also takes FacetPhone's leading computer telephone integration technology to a new level with the NetTAPI protocol. FacetPhone V4 includes a wide array of new features in the areas of voice mail and call recording retrieval, presence management, call reporting, call centers, and administration.

The new NetTAPI protocol is a flexible application programming interface for FacetPhone which allows any customer software application to easily communicate with the phone system. The initial NetTAPI commands allow for application program notification of any user phone activity, to initiate and terminate call recording, and to request the complete call detail record associated with a user's phone call. With FacetPhone's NetTAPI, customers and software providers can automatically put the entire call detail record, including the location of any recordings, in the corporate customer relationship management system.

FacetPhone V4 provides integrated support for the Polycom SoundPoint IP 501 and IP 301 phones. The Polycom SoundPoint IP 501 IP phone provides users with hands-free intercom capability and predefined FacetPhone feature keys including record, do not disturb and conference buttons. These Polycom SoundPoint IP phones have been completely integrated with FacetPhone such that all functions are available from both the phone and the FacetPhone graphical user interface. And the IP 501 comes with a full duplex speakerphone. The Polycom SoundPoint IP phones may be powered with standard AC power or with Power over Ethernet.

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