IKON Announces New IKON PowerPro 650 Color Server

IKON Office Solutions has announced the new IKON PowerPro 650 color server for the IKON CPP 650. The IKON PowerPro 650 was developed exclusively for IKON with the proprietary technology of Creo Color Servers. This robust print controller is designed to offer IKON customers advanced features designed for high-quality image control, ease-of-use and productivity. The new IKON PowerPro 650 joins the IKON PowerPro series of Creo Color Servers, which also includes the IKON PowerPro 500 for the IKON CPP 500.

The IKON PowerPro 650 color server offers advanced, professional color management tools based on groundbreaking Creo Servers color technology. The tools are designed for ease of use and delivery of consistent, accurate color and excellent image quality. The server technology design also allows for adjustments in calibration, gradation, brightness, and more without reprocessing the entire file.

The IKON PowerPro 650 color server is designed to streamline the entire print production workflow, enabling IKON customers to significantly increase their productivity and processing speed. The Intel Core2 Duo processor helps increase the server's productivity by more than 50%, and is one of the most powerful controllers in its market segment. Other advanced new software features include Adobe CPSI 3017 software, Acrobat 7, PDF 1.6, and Windows XP Professional (SP2) OS. The performance-enhancing feature set includes preflight checks, pre-RIPed ready-to-print (RTP) files, post-process merging, imposition fine-tuning, and page delete/replace.

The IKON PowerPro 650 color server's design and graphical user interface are optimized for the IKON CPP 650. Users can set the levels of control and automation to fit their printing environment, and can fully manage the IKON CPP 650 from the server's workstation. The new server's powerful platform is designed to meet the performance and image quality requirements of the production and corporate digital print market, and the intuitive workflow is designed to enable users to produce the highest quality prints immediately, saving valuable production time.

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