Activa's Veritel Pro Chosen by Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets

As part of its large-scale move to new offices in the City of London, Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets has fitted the latest communication recording technology from Activa Solutions. The system is a fully integrated Veritel Pro Voip and digital combined voice recording platform, capturing calls and call data from 960 Cisco IP extensions over 4 floors, plus 270 IPC trading turret inputs on the global trading floor.

First hand experience of the Veritel Pro platform was gained when Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets, part of the UK's 5th largest bank, agreed to install the recorder into its contingency centre where it was successfully shown to be a flexible, reliable solution. As a result of this successful pilot, Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets chose the system to support its telephony needs in the new premises in London. This communication recording system has come at the time when there is increasing necessity within the financial markets governed by FSA regulations to document customer interactions for verification and compliance purposes, and in the case of dispute resolution, to provide definitive court evidence.

Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets is required to keep 12 months worth of interactions available for replay and immediate access, together with archiving facilities for accessing a library of older recordings. In the Retail Sales trading team, for example, there are 15 staff using the Veritel Pro system which records between 750 and 1050 communications per day.

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