SPSS Advances Data Mining Software with New Release

SPSS has unveiled one of the most robust releases of its enterprise data mining software, Clementine 11.0. The evolution of this product features dramatically enhanced solutions through the addition of data analytic techniques and innovative graphic capabilities.

Version 11.0 of Clementine enables organizations to enhance productivity in customer relationship management, marketing and risk analysis, and provide analysis for fraud detection. This product is a key component of the company's predictive analytics offerings. Additionally, this release is now tightly integrated with the SPSS statistical products, giving users easy access to statistical and data management capabilities.

More Specific Benefits of SPSS' Clementine 11.0:
- New algorithms empower new application areas - Increased analytical power and functionality have been introduced with specific business solutions in mind. New algorithms provide support for credit scoring (Discriminant Function Analysis), complex pricing models (Generalized Linear Models), CRM and response modeling (Logistic Regression), forecasting (Time Series) and rule-based models that incorporate users' business knowledge.

- Productivity improvements increase efficiency - The time to develop and deploy models has been significantly reduced due to the development of more robust transformation capabilities, more automated data cleansing and the use of optimal binning to enable more predictive power. Developing and selecting the best model is made simple by building multiple models simultaneously with the Binary Classifier.

- Better graphical output and improved management communication and insight - Customers are now able to easily edit and distribute presentation-quality images, providing more efficient management reporting and more effective communication through a powerful new graphics engine and integration with the reporting and high-quality graphics of the SPSS statistical products.

- Integration contributes to better performance and greater leverage of existing investments - Clients can now fully leverage their IT investments by using the parallelism in high-performance hardware and software (such as multiprocessor or multicore systems), as well as data mining algorithms provided as part of the database systems by IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. The use of secure sockets layer encryption and stream password protection of files heightens the security of sensitive data.

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