HandHeld Entertainment's ZVUE 260 Media Player Unveiled

HandHeld Entertainment has unveiled a prototype of its next generation, entry-level personal media player the ZVUE 260 to journalists and targeted buyers from major retailers at last week's Consumer Electronics Show. At 4.16- X 2.4- X 0.5-inches and 3.93 ounces, the ZVUE 260 PMP is comparable to the video iPod in thickness (6/100ths of an inch longer and 7/100ths of an inch thicker), yet weighs close to an ounce less (3.98 ounces versus 4.8 ounces, respectively). The ZVUE 260 is also the smallest and lightest ZVUE yet.

The ZVUE 260 features a 2.5-inch active matrix TFT backlit screen and supports videos running at up to 30 frames per second at resolutions of up to 320X240 pixels. The ZVUE 260 is also the first ZVUE player to feature a built-in audio speaker.

As with earlier ZVUE models, HandHeld Entertainment will continue its practice of using secure digital (SD) memory as the storage media for the ZVUE 260. The ZVUE 260 will be available initially with at least two different SD memory configurations (depending on SD pricing at the time of launch).

Featuring a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the ZVUE 260 will also be compatible with Windows Media Player 10 with Microsoft's secure Digital Rights Management and support both Windows Media Video and Windows Media Audio formats, as well as other video, audio and image formats.

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