Hitachi Introduces Its New Multimedia Products

This February Hitachi is bringing its 1,080 line 50-inch plasma HDTV to American consumers. Hitachi's new HD1080 50-inch HDTV (model P50H401) incorporates breakthrough technology that is the result of extensive research and development and more than 1,300 patents for flat panel technologies. 2007 will mark Hitachi's 51st year of television production. By engineering a new method of energizing pixels on a panel, Hitachi has improved picture quality by increasing the resolution to match the dominant 1080 HDTV broadcast format in the vertical domain. The new TV will feature a total of 1.3 million pixels utilizing a 1280x1080 pixel array.

In addition to the 50-inch P50H401, Hitachi's 2007 H401 series includes the 42-inch (P42H401) and 55-inch (P55H401) models which offer unrivaled clarity and seamless picture performance using exclusive technologies. These models feature an all new black industrial design with subtle titanium gray trim, emphasizing the picture and de-emphasizing the frame. The models use discrete speaker venting below the screen to ensure high quality audio, yet maintain the widescreen appearance for a clean, modern look that compliments any living room.

All models include Hitachi's fourth generation 1080p PictureMaster IV video processor that analyzes and optimizes the picture with dynamic histogram processing and 16-bit clarity and new for 2007 MPEG noise reduction all of which means that the viewer will see a clean and vivid picture. All 2007 flat panel models include three 1080p-compatible HDMI inputs with SimplayHD certification so that consumers can have confidence that they will be able to display the latest digital content with state of the art reliability.

New for 2007, Hitachi includes 3 picture setting memories and 3 timers for each input for the ultimate in performance and picture tuning flexibility. Since every set top tuner and disc player is different, and lighting conditions vary from morning to daytime to nighttime, Hitachi offers 3 discrete picture settings memories for each input. The presets will allow the image to be customized according to source and room lighting conditions and can be customized to change automatically. The picture memories are designated as "Day", "Day Dynamic" and "Night."

Also shipping in the first half of 2007 will be Hitachi's new CineForm T501 Series with 42-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch models. The T501 series includes all of the technologies and features of the H401 series while offering an all black design. Additional performance enhancements will include a high-contrast anti-reflective glass screen, an SD Card Photo Viewer to view digital photographs, a deluxe multi-function remote, a split screen capability and a swivel tabletop stand. The P50T501 model will be available in February 2007, followed by the 42-inch model in April and the 55-inch model in July.

Hitachi's LCD H201 and Cineform T301 HDTVs provide fast-action sports, gaming and movie enthusiasts the best on-screen display of rapid motion and picture sharpness LCD has to offer. Both series will feature a new industrial design, showcasing the widescreen image with a sleek, modern frame. Both series include 32-inch and 37-inch models, with all models featuring 1366x768 resolution.

The H201 Series models feature the PictureMaster IV 1080p processor, Quickstart seamless ATSC, QAM and NTSC tuner for optimal HD performance, a black and titanium gray ID, and three 1080p compatible HDMI inputs with SimplayHD certification and separate day, day dynamic and night picture memories with customizable timers.

The powerful T301 series also displays the most accurate motion performance on an LCD, harnessing Hitachi's IPS-PRO 120Hz technology. This technology doubles the frequency of images from 60Hz to 120Hz and inserts a black frame between each normal frame, allowing the on-screen images to refresh twice as fast for clear fast action sequences. The T301 models also feature an all black industrial design. The 37-inch H201 and T301 models will be available in May 2007, followed by the 32-inch models in June.

Hitachi's Full HD1080 LCD rear projection models in 50-, 55-, and 62-inch screen sizes will utilize 3-LCD 1920x1080 technology with a 3-panel light engine for high picture contrast and impressive image clarity. The Full HD1080 LCD RP models, in line with the rest of the Hitachi TV Series for 2007, will feature the PictureMaster IV processor for superior performance. The models also will sport Hitachi's new compact industrial design with sleek bottom speakers and an overall gloss black finish. Hitachi's M50P801, M55P801 and M62P801 will be available in May, June and July 2007, respectively.

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