Gamble on Employee Monitoring

With today's news that gambling at work costs employers more than ?300m a year in lost productivity, Nick Kingsbury, CEO of network content monitoring and capturing software firm, Chronicle Solutions says employers need to put an end to unmonitored internet access at work.

Nick said "Internet gambling is becoming increasingly popular and without a monitoring system in place, it is likely that a significant minority of a company's employees will go online to gamble during the working day.

"Gambling is just one of a number of potential issues. Employers need to recognise all the risks and costs of unmonitored use of company networks", said Nick. "Focus on the cost of hours wasted often detracts from other important threats such as security risks, internal threats, brand value protection and compliance with regulations on the recording of communication. The costs related to these threats are much higher than they might initially seem and the best way of protecting an organisation is to first know what is going on within it".

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