Panda Internet Security 2007 Earns PC Actual's 'Recommended Buy' Seal of Approval

PC Actual, a Spanish computing magazine, has awarded Panda Internet Security 2007 its 'Recommended Buy' seal of approval. The magazine's comparative review ranked the Panda Software solution above all other products in terms of price/quality.

The other applications in the review were: AVG (Internet Security 7.5), Bit Defender (Internet Security v10 Family Pack), BullGuard (Internet Security 7.0), CA (Internet Security Suite 2007), F-Secure (Internet Security 2007), Kaspersky (Internet Security 6.0), McAfee (Total Protection 2007), SP (Internet security), Symantec (Norton Internet security 2007) and Zone Alarm (Security Suite 7.0).

Similarly, Panda Internet Security 2007 was one of the fastest solutions in the test, scanning more than 9,000 types of malicious code -both old and new- in one minute 40 seconds. In contrast, other solutions took as long as 50 minutes to complete this test.

PC Actual put the products listed above to the test in a range of 'everyday' situations. The products also underwent spam and phishing detection tests, using 920 email messages. The results returned by the Panda Software solution "were among the very good, best quality results", according to the magazine.

PC Actual highlights the excellent job performed by the TruPrevent Technologies included in Panda Internet Security 2007, explaining that: "these technologies are really what ensure that Panda Internet Security 2007 turns your PC into a strongbox". Panda Software's preventive technologies once again demonstrate the need for protection against all types of threats, particularly unknown threats that cannot be countered with traditional antivirus applications.

To sum up, Panda Internet Security 2007 has once again shown itself as an essential security solution. "The general environment and operation of the product is well worked and finely tuned", says the magazine, which also praises the product licensing policy: " Another trump card of Panda Internet Security 2007 is its licenses for 3 PCs."

Panda Internet Security 2007 is a complete security suite that provides surefire protection for computers against Internet threats. It not only includes technologies to combat all types of viruses and spyware, but also offers anti-spam, anti-phishing, parental control, the Panda firewall and specific technology to prevent online identity theft: Identity Protect. This technology is especially designed to prevent personal and confidential data theft, giving users maximum security in Internet transactions. The new security suite from Panda Software combines and integrates both proactive and reactive technologies, and includes the award-winning TruPrevent Technologies, which act automatically against new, previously unknown threats, blocking them without the need for user intervention.

Panda Internet Security 2007 has already received certification from the most widely respected organizations in the sector, such as ICSA Labs or West Coast Labs.

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