Spymac Unveils Leapfrog Portal

Spymac has unveiled Leapfrog, the Web 2.0 portal that lets the entire world video chat, share movies, pictures and music across the Internet and earn money at the same time. Leapfrog is available now in more than fifteen international languages and works on both PCs and Macs.

Regionalized versions of Leapfrog covering 95 percent of the entire online populace are available in English, Arabic, Portuguese, simplified & traditional Chinese, Czech, Italian, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian. Earn Real Money by Sharing Your Life A percentage of Spymac's advertising income is paid to members who upload the most viewed movies, music or pictures, and Spymac expects to payout more than $100,000 to its user base within its first month. By providing income to members in developing nations whose culture and surroundings are sure to be a hit with viewers Spymac aims to contribute to the development of new economies around the world.

"We want users to truly benefit from our service - those who upload something that people want to see or hear make real money, " stated CEO Holger Ehlis. Video Gets Personal - No Extra Software Needed Leapfrog's most powerful feature is complimentary face-to-face video chat, which allows people to share everyday life over the Internet. Members can have a heart-warming conversation with family who is away, see the smile of an online sweetheart, or hold a business meeting in the convenience of a living room. The feature is truly compatible, without any of the traditional need for extra software or setup. "Leapfrog takes online dating, staying in touch with colleagues and finding new friends to a whole new level", said Kevin April, Spymac's CTO. "All you need is a web browser and an inexpensive webcam to share video and enjoy face-to-face meetings with people from another city, country, or even continent." The Best Place for iPod and PSP Videos Apple's latest iPod models allow users to download movies and access Leapfrog for hundreds of thousands of iPod-ready movies, songs and pictures. Leapfrog's movies are also fully compatible with Sony's PlayStation Portable, allowing users to easily find new content for their portable entertainment devices.

Through its embedding feature, Leapfrog allows users to stream content across the Internet on other websites. For example, users can insert their favorite pictures and videos into their MySpace profiles, blogs or eBay auctions, turning Spymac into a powerful content hub. This allows users to:
- Spice up online ads and auctions with video or audio clips
- Upload multimedia projects for work or school
- Liven up blogs, websites and emails
- Share movies with friends and family
- Enhance personal profiles on dating and social-networking sites

By utilizing breakthrough technology, members record live video with a click of a button for immediate release to the Internet. Users can capture pictures, audio and video directly onto Spymac using their own webcams, or easily upload from video cameras or mobile phones.

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