FullTilt Announces the Release of Perfect Product Suite 6.0

FullTilt Solutions has announced the release and availability of Perfect Product Suite 6.0. FullTilt continues to lead the emerging mission critical Master Data Management infrastructure discipline. Perfect Product Suite 6.0 aggregates and manages product information which provides businesses with a unified, comprehensive view of their product information that allows them to increase their ecommerce revenue, support multi-channel sales strategies, increase collaboration and reduce costs.

Release 6.0 continues to expand capabilities provided by Perfect Product Suite through its metadata-driven model that allows users to easily define and extend data definitions including definitions specific to trading partners. The release provides new and improved automation and user control specifically addressing extensible, custom workflow; the ability to conditionally route information; capabilities to develop scripts for comprehensive editing and transformation; the ability to define attributes specific to product relationships; comprehensive price information management and powerful new reporting capabilities.

Among the new functionality the 6.0 release provides:
- An extensible workflow process to insert specific business logic and rules to properly manage exceptions during the often complex data import process.
- Data validation and transformation capabilities based on source and target specific business rules for optimally processing product data synchronization internally and externally between manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
- Robust price management capabilities including proper management of multiple price, cost, and margin data with comprehensive exception processing including internal and external notifications and alerts.
- Improved reporting capabilities providing management and key business users' better visibility to product information and key business processes.

Perfect Product Suite provides a comprehensive Product Information Management solution that addresses specific business and industry needs. This robust PIM solution helps you assemble an accurate, consistent centralized internal repository that can link critical business information - including items, locations, trading partners, organization and terms of trade. The solution creates more value for your company as you share information with all your constituencies. You can also leverage Perfect Product Suite to increase user productivity and simplify managing, assembling, linking and classifying product information.

Sophisticated workflow features help guide users through the steps, staging and approvals for product life-cycle processes - such as new product introductions, campaign launches and end-of-life efforts for a product. The business rules required for these complex processes are easily built into the FullTilt Workflow Manager Module by users enabling the system to reflect your best practices. Perfect Product Suite also delivers rich product information to web sites, e-commerce applications, print catalogs, marketing collateral, kiosks, as well as electronically to customers and partners.

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