IT Has Now Come 360

ITWorld Expo Canada, the event division of ITWorld Canada, introduces IT360 Conference & Expo, an event providing business professionals a 360 experience in the information technology arena, April 30 May 2, 2007 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

In the climate of ever-accelerating change, technologies continue to interconnect creating the need for more elaborate, company specific solutions. IT360 has evolved with this technology phenomenon by establishing a unique multi-sectored event that focuses on four key industry pillars: Network, Linux/Open Source, Security and Storage. These pillars are our "worlds": NetworkWorld, LinuxWorld (including Smalltalk Solutions), SecurityITWorld and DataStorageWorld.

Within the four key pillars, IT360˚ explores twelve fundamental areas dedicated to all aspects of the Network: Open solutions & Linux, security, storage, virtualization, voice & data, wireless & mobility, ITIL & compliance, enterprise applications, IP services, enterprise networks, network attached devices, and emerging technologies.

NetworkWorld: Network infrastructure is the foundation of computing and everything that supports the flow and processing of information. All areas from VoIP, wireless, service-oriented architecture to enterprise integration are central to NetworkWorld.

LinuxWorld: Open platform technologies are enabling entire industries - virtualization, grid computing, enterprise desktops and the latest in mobile devices are now reliant upon an open source base. LinuxWorld stands out clearly as the leading event for this technology. LinuxWorld also presents the annual Smalltalk Solutions Conference, which is the premier forum for bringing together Smalltalk users, developers and enthusiasts.

SecurityITWorld: Secure computing is a challenge that continues to increase in complexity as new computing products that store, move and deliver content come to market. SecurityITWorld covers all areas from internal & external security, disaster recovery to viruses, data protection and compliance.

DataStorageWorld: There are many means of data storage, data access, data recovery, data mining, and how organizations can use the technologies for an efficient IT environment. DataStorageWorld delves into the mass amount of information in this area and educates professionals to be better equipped.

These four worlds provide IT professionals with a unique all encompassing information technology experience. The trade show showcases vendors from all four pillars through demonstrations, face-to-face interaction and visionary keynote presentations. The conference addresses the critical issues facing the industry and provides realistic strategies to implement the best and most cost efficient solutions.

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