Network General Announces 3 New Models of Sniffer InfiniStream

Network General has announced the release of three new models of its network analysis solution, the Sniffer InfiniStream platform and the availability of 24x7 next business day repair or support for the new platform.

The new Sniffer InfiniStream models i430, i530 and i1730 join the company's portfolio of network and application performance management solutions, with enhanced system throughput for high performance data capture and increased storage capacity. Additionally, the company announced it will offer onsite, next business day support for the new models providing a more convenient and effective method for troubleshooting and issue resolution, minimizing equipment downtime.

The Sniffer InfiniStream product allows network personnel to perform in-depth, retrospective analysis to examine network performance, observe traffic trends, isolate anomalies, perform deep packet analysis, and generate detailed and customized summary reports. The new platforms are architected to meet the ever growing storage requirements of demanding enterprise high speed networks, now and in the future.

The solutions offer seamless integration with Administrator and Visualizer, providing users with real time health status, enhanced trend analysis and capacity planning-based reporting.

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