IntelliAdmin Releases Profile Generator 2.0

IntelliAdmin has released Profile Generator 2.0, software that automatically configures Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange. Traditionally when a user logs into Windows for the first time, Microsoft Outlook requires additional setup. Steve Wiseman, co-founder of IntelliAdmin says, "Every time an administrator needs to configure an Outlook profile, she is wasting time that could be used for more valuable tasks. The biggest trouble is when users roam from computer to computer, or new users login every day, like in a classroom setting. Our Profile Generator configures Outlook automatically so IT administrators do not need to deal with it."

Profile Generator eliminates the setup wizards that are displayed to a user when they open Microsoft Outlook for the first time. It is called from a logon script and works silently. It is compatible with Microsoft Exchange 2000, and 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, XP, and 2007.

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