LogiGear's TestArchitect 3.0 Software Test Automation Toolset

LogiGear Corporation has announced a major upgrade to the TestArchitect test automation toolset for software testing organizations. LogiGear delivers the TestArchitect toolset at the heart of a complete software testing framework designed to ensure that any company of any size, in one location or distributed worldwide, can test earlier, test more and speed time-to-market.

Leveraging LogiGear's unique position in low-cost offshore outsourcing and advanced test automation expertise, the company delivers on the vision outlined in the latest book coauthored by LogiGear CEO Hung Q. Nguyen, Global Software Test Automation: A Discussion of Software Testing for Executives.

The flexible TestArchitect software is often provided in a "turnkey" test automation package based on a company's existing test cases. LogiGear also uses the software to custom-design completely new test suites. In all cases, the TestArchitect toolset enhances the effectiveness of every member of any testing team. Tests designed with TestArchitect can be executed manually or automatically, and can be quickly and easily modified to adapt to each new release - making test maintenance headaches a thing of the past. In addition, these tests can be executed by any tester and can be automated by any engineer with a basic knowledge of industry-standard programming languages.

Version 3 of TestArchitect includes support for Internet Explorer 7, enhanced GUI capture capabilities and support for an even greater number of test stations sharing the same test repository database. In addition to continued support of Excel spreadsheet-based test design and automation, the new release offers advanced command line handling features for easy use with protocols like Telnet and SSH, a wide range of new built-in "keywords" or "actions", extensive interactive online help, and many automation enhancements for Active-X, DOM and other interface components.

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