Introducing IEEE 1394b Cables from Intercon 1

The Intercon 1 division of Nortech Systems introduces IEEE 1394b cable assemblies. IEEE 1394 cables are commonly used for the connection of digital video cameras and data storage devices. The cables are also frequently used for vision equipment and other professional audio applications.

Intercon 1 brings quality and performance to a new standard. A high-flex cable combined with over-molding and thumbscrews create a durable solution for demanding applications. This new standard allows data to be transferred at twice the speed of the previous 1394a reaching 800Mbps.

The shielded cable is constructed with a Thermal Plastic Elastomer jacket that enables this cable to withstand harsh environments such as oil, water, and sunlight while transmitting high-quality video images. The TPE jacket is of particular importance from a serviceability and cost-savings standpoint when considering a product that will hold up to the environment.

Thumbscrews guarantee a firm, constant connection through motion and vibration. Intercon 1's exclusive over-mold design provides additional strain relief and extended cable life. These cables will meet or exceed IEEE 1394b standards and are RoHS compliant. They also support plug and play.

Beta (1394b to 1394b) and Bilingual (1394a to 1394b) assemblies are available and provide a direct interface between cable equipment.

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