’Casino Royale’, ’The Queen’ Take Top Golden Tomato Award Honors

Rotten Tomatoes, Fox Interactive Media's premier destination for both casual movie-goers and film buffs, has announced the recipients of the 8th Annual Golden Tomato Awards, which pay tribute to the best-reviewed films of 2006 in 14 categories. Sony Picture Entertainment's "Casino Royale" and Miramax's "The Queen" took top honors for Wide Release Film of the year and Limited Release Film of the year respectively. This year's Moldy Tomato Award, for the worst-reviewed movie of the year, went to "Basic Instinct 2."

2006 Golden Tomato Award Winners:
- Wide Release / Action/Adventure: "Casino Royale";
- Limited Release / Drama: "The Queen";
- Animation: "Cars";
- Comedy: "Borat";
- Documentary: "Wordplay";
- Foreign: "Pan's Labyrinth";
- Horror: "The Descent";
- Family: "Lassie";
- Romance: "The Science of Sleep";
- Sci-Fi: "Children of Men";
- Thriller: "The Departed";
- Moldy Tomato (Worse Reviewed Movie of the Year): "Basic Instinct 2".

Unlike other "Best Of" lists and awards, the Golden Tomato Awards aggregates the reviews of movie critics across the U.S. to honor the films with the most universal appeal. Only reviews from select critics count towards the Tomatometer, and each movie must have 50 or more rated reviews to be considered.

Family-friendly films have dominated the Best Wide Release Film honors in recent years, including "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" in 2005 and "The Incredibles" in 2004. This year, "Casino Royale", the latest in the 007 series, broke precedent to win the Best Wide Release Film award.

The action-packed "Casino Royale", starring new-comer Daniel Craig and directed by Martin Campbell, achieved an impressive 95% on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer, a tool that measures the percentage of favorable print, broadcast, radio, and online reviews from accredited film critics across the nation to rank movies as "Fresh" (60% or above) or "Rotten" (below 60%). Limited Release Film award-winner "The Queen", starring U.K. actress extraordinaire Helen Mirren and directed by Stephen Frears, garnered an impressive 98% Tomatometer approval rating.

In order for a critic's reviews to be included in the ranking process, a number of factors are considered, including active membership in a film critic's society and/or association as well as current employment at a recognized media outlet. In addition, the length and breadth of a critic's body of work, the availability of reviews online or submission of reviews via Rotten Tomatoes' Article Submission Tool weigh into the determination. Using the Article Submission Tool, critics can add, rate, and select review quotes for any of the over 150,000 movies available on the company's site.

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