Acunetix Puts a Stop to Identity Theft in Universities

Institutions for higher education and Not-For-Profit Organizations are experiencing a surge in attempts aimed at hacking their data. The more recent known examples were perpetrated against UCLA, the University of Texas, and Mississippi State University. Acunetix is offering all American Universities and Not-for-profit Organizations a complimentary website audit through its recently launched service, Acunetix SiteAudit.

Last month, a hacker infiltrated a massive database from the University of California, Los Angeles, containing personal information (including social security numbers, dates of birth, home addresses and contact information) on 800,000 people in one of the worst computer breaches ever at a US university.

University systems are usually highly decentralized which makes it hard to ensure tight security. Furthermore, Not-for-profit organizations might not have the in-house expertise needed to run auditing software efficiently and effectively, nor want to maintain in-house testing since this adds to overhead. Acunetix is, therefore, offering the possibility of having their website audited at no cost.

Acunetix SiteAudit is performed by Acunetix's web security experts using Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner. Acunetix SiteAudit:
- Provides an immediate and comprehensive website security audit;
- Ensures website is secure against web attacks;
- Checks for SQL injection, Cross site scripting and other vulnerabilities;
- Audits shopping carts, forms, and dynamic content;
- Scans entire website and web applications including Javascript / AJAX applications for security vulnerabilities.

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