SubRosaSoft Announces MacForensicsLab 2.0

SubRosaSoft announces the availability of MacForensicsLab version 2.0. MacForensicsLab is a complete suite of forensics and analysis tools in one cohesive package. Designed as a Universal application supporting both PowerPC- and Intel-based Macintosh computers, MacForensicsLab version 2.0 supports forensic activities on a wide array of computing platforms and storage devices. Not only will MacForensicsLab gather and report evidence, now it can help the investigators find the specific type of evidence they're looking for. MacForensicsLab 2.0 features a new tool for filtering pictures with skin tones. It can also filter possible Social Security and credit card numbers. This will enable investigators to pinpoint evidence with ease. MacForensicsLab is already the fastest software for acquiring and recovery of data. The new version further cuts down on time by allowing investigators to perform multiple tasks at once. For example, a user can acquire a disk, salvage a disk image for files, and catalog another disk all at once.

With MacForensicsLab, now forensic professionals have the power to explore any device without the risk of being vulnerable to dangers that would affect a PC.

A native application for Mac OS X, MacForensicsLab includes features that give a user excellent flexibility and control in data analysis, evidence retrieval, and facts reporting. MacForensicsLab is designed to support forensics activities on Macintosh, Windows, and Linux based computers and storage devices. This new version offers a large array of advanced features no other forensic software does. New features include:
- Fast location of suspect images - skin tone matching and fast traversal with file filtering. Filter by file and image size and percentage of skin tone coverage.
- Find just what your looking for - Salvage function now allows the user to add their own file types.
- Zero in on files of interest - catalog function now has pattern matching for hash lists (known good or known bad files) and searches for possible SSN numbers and Credit Card numbers.
- Manage more data - new built-in SQL database engine.
- Customize your report - exclude or include items you choose in the reporting function.
- Stay organized - new bookmark manager for adding, deleting, and commenting. Can comment on individual files now too.
- Save time - multiple operations/tasks can now be done at the same time.

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