CodeWeavers Unveils CrossOver Mac

CodeWeavers has announced the release of CrossOver Mac, the company's breakthrough new product that lets Mac OS X users install and use popular Windows applications without the presence of the Windows operating system. CrossOver Mac will bring welcome flexibility and convenience to companies, schools, and individual Mac users looking for new options in software application availability.

CrossOver Mac offers an exceptionally easy to use, single click interface. Once loaded, the utility integrates seamlessly within Mac OS X. Subsequent loading of Windows applications is done via the application's installation CDs; programs are opened for use by simply clicking on the application within the OS X Finder.

Many of the most popular Windows applications are supported by CrossOver Mac, such as Microsoft Office (including native Outlook support for Exchange servers); Microsoft Visio and Project; Intuit Quicken and QuickBooks; and best-selling games like Half Life 2 and Prey.

CrossOver Mac solves many of the major problems faced by Mac owners who occasionally need to avail themselves of Windows-only applications. Buying, loading and dual-booting Windows is no longer necessary; what's more, CrossOver Mac is priced at roughly one-quarter the cost of a Windows license, allowing Mac users to legally circumvent the need for Windows while saving a lot of money in the process.

For enterprise IT staffs whether corporate or academic who in the past have had to convert Mac users in order to run applications like Windows Outlook or Exchange 2003 Server, CrossOver Mac is a true lifeline. Other Mac users who keep a separate Windows PC on their desk just to run Windows apps can finally eliminate extra equipment, gain valuable desktop space, and simplify their working lives.

CrossOver Mac mirrors the release of CrossOver Linux 6.0, a new version of CodeWeavers' Windows-to-Linux compatibility product. CrossOver Linux is the new name for CrossOver Office, the company's flagship solution built on Wine, the open source Unix implementation of the Win32 API.

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