Qnext 3.0 Turns PCs into Powerful Digital Hubs

Qnext has announced the release of an all-in-one broadcast and communications software product that sets a new standard in efficient Peer-to-Web capabilities. Qnext 3.0 introduces two new features that will revolutionize the way PC users communicate and share online. A Universal Contact List is the first of its kind to consolidate all online contacts across Instant Messenger and email networks into a single list. A second feature allows users to share unlimited amounts of music, photos, and files with anyone on that list via a simple web link; content is instantly streamed directly from the sender's PC to the recipient's web browser.

The Universal Contact List leverages Qnext's content sharing functionality to make Webcasting photos, music and any large data file as simple as sending an email or an Instant Message. Vastly superior to simple file sharing, a Qnext Webcast delivers a rich media experience for the recipient.

Photo Webcasts let recipients browse thumbnails in an elegant, yet familiar and easy-to-use interface, run a slideshow, and download originals with permission. Music Webcasts allow recipients to instantly listen to playlists or browse and listen to the owner's entire library by artist, album, or genre from literally anywhere in the world that they have email access. File Webcasts give instant download access to any type or size of file or folder.

Qnext 3.0 the first time enables users to send Webcast links in Instant Messages and emails that the recipient can then open to view shared content using a standard web browser without having Qnext installed. The Qnext communication suite also includes Universal Instant Messaging, emailing, 4-way Video Chat and 8-way Voice Chat.

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