Dell Introduces New Multimedia Products

Dell adds a high-performance desktop to its portfolio of XPS products, and introduces two new widescreen flat-panel displays and a Digital Home Media Suite at the Consumer Electronics Show. The XPS 710 H2Ceramic Edition desktop comes in a midnight-black chassis and offers patent-pending cooling technology designed for serious gamers who want to push performance beyond tested limits. Dell developed the H2C design to better cool the processor, extend its life and help the system run more reliably than conventional cooling systems even when the system is overclocked. The Intel quad-core processor is factory overclocked for extreme gaming and video editing, and backed by specialized XPS technicians.

Dell's H2C cooling system is a custom two-stage process. First, a liquid-to-air heat exchanger that works like a car's radiator removes most of the heat from the processor. Then, a fluid chiller removes more heat with ceramic-based thermoelectric cooling modules like those used in space shuttles to transfer heat from the sunny side to the cold, dark side in space. Sensor controls help prevent the formation of frost or condensation by helping to keep the processor slightly above ambient room temperature.

The XPS 710 H2C Edition's base configuration includes:
- Factory-installed Dell H2C two-stage cooling solution including a fan, liquid-to-air heat exchanger, TEC fluid chiller, and circuitry that regulates the fan and TEC voltage to cool the processor efficiently during normal and over-clocked operation;
- Intel Core Extreme QX6700 quad-core processor factory overclocked to 3.2 GHz;
- Two NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX graphics cards with quad scalable link interface technology for high-definition gaming resolution;
- 4 GB 667MHz DDR2 memory for fast loading of programs and screens;
- Dual 160 GB 10,000 RPM hard drives (with room for two additional hard drives);
- Dual optical drives;
- Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP 20-inch widescreen flat-panel monitor with Dell AS501 flat-panel mount speakers;
- The Razer Tarantula gaming keyboard and Razer Copperhead gaming mouse;
- Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 operating system.

Dell UltraSharp 2707WFP 27-Inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

Dell's first 27-inch monitor features a stylish, brushed aluminum bezel atop a black glass stand that can also tilt and swivel. The monitor's Dell TrueColor technology provides 92 percent color gamut coverage of the NTSC color space to gamers, photographers and digital media "prosumers" thereby enabling highly vibrant and vivid images such as deeper reds and crisper blues. The wider color spectrum expands capabilities for users whether they are editing video, working with CAD applications or enjoying the latest games. Additional features include:
- 27-inch widescreen viewable image size;
- Maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA);
- 6 ms response time5 with 1,000:1 contrast ratio;
- Dell TrueColor Wide Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lighting (Wide-CCFL) backlight that delivers deep and vibrant reds, greens and blues and accurate color representation;
- Integrated 9-in-2 media card reader in a slim monitor bezel;
- Beveled glass base with solid aluminum chassis;
- Height-adjustable stand with tilt and swivel capabilities;
- Four USB 2.0 ports for connecting devices such as digital cameras and printers.

Dell E228WFP 22-Inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

With a 5-millisecond response time, the Dell E228WFP widescreen flat panel LCD monitor presents images, documents, graphics and video with stunning detail, vivid color and smooth motion. The 22-inch widescreen display delivers price/performance and rich productivity features, and can also be used for watching videos and playing games. Additional features include:
- 22-inch viewable image size;
- Maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050;
- Lets users view Web pages or documents side by side and run multiple applications simultaneously for improved productivity;
- DVI-HDCP ready connectivity;
- Tilt capability;
- Wall-mountable for flexible installation and convenience (kit sold separately).

Dell Home Media Suite

For the first time, Dell is introducing a bundle of products that will gear up the family room or any room of a home. The bundle will enable customers to receive digital cable, including premium high-definition programming, and easily view or record it onto PCs. The Home Media Suite, available in the United States after the introduction of Microsoft's Vista operation system later this month, will include the following:
- XPS 410 core 2 duo, 2GB memory, 1 terabatye RAID disk array, DVD/RW;
- Loaded with Windows Vista when available;
- Creative Precision Monitor speakers;
- Full suite of entertainment software;
- Creative Live! Voice webcam;
- 27-inch flat panel monitor;
- Dell Photo All in One 966 printer;
- Linksys 802.11 draft N band router;
- Linksys powerline AV bridge;
- Digital cable tuner for premium HD TV.

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