Com One Expands Bluetooth Product Line

Com One is expanding its Bluetooth portfolio with two new products. The new products are focused on growing consumer demand for streaming audio using the Bluetooth A2DP profile. Com One's new Bluetooth Multimedia 2.1 Speakers provide 3D surround sound for gaming consoles and MP3 players. Designed to be universally compatible with all Bluetooth stereo devices and audio sources equipped with a jack (3.5 mm or RCA audio output connection), the Multimedia 2.1 Speakers are a convenient enhancement for a wireless lifestyle.

Com One's new Mic Clip Bluetooth Stereo Headset gives you 2-in-1 convenience for both your music and your phone. Enjoy your favorite tunes from any A2DP Bluetooth stereo device. The embedded microphone enables you to make and receive calls from your Bluetooth mobile phone.

Other products in the Com One Bluetooth portfolio include:
- Computing:
* BlueSynchrOne to sync data between your phone and laptop;
* Skype Over Bluetooth to call on Skype without a computer;
* USB Adapter 2.0 for Bluetooth range of 330 feet;
* USB adapter 2.0 with SD/MMC Card Driver to transfer and save your pictures and MP3 files.
- Electronics:
* Bluetooth Stereo Speaker to listen to music wherever you go;
* Bluetooth Stereo Adapter links computer audio to stereo equipment.
- Telephony:
* Bluetooth Oneboard portable PDA QWERTY keyboard;
* Bluetooth GPS Receiver - your mobile travel companion.

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