Quark Optimizing Performance in Latest Upgrade for QuarkXPress

Quark has announced the release of QuarkXPress 7.1, the new Universal upgrade to desktop design software. The latest upgrade answers customers' needs with performance enhancements, making the design software more responsive.

Listening to market needs, Quark made significant performance improvements in several key areas including text selection, clipped images, and flattening features. Each feature has received a performance boost, resulting in faster production times. In addition, the Universal upgrade has provided performance improvements throughout the application, and in some areas QuarkXPress 7.1 is up to five times faster on Intel-based Macs than PowerPC.

QuarkXPress 7 has already proved to offer a vastly higher ROI than in previous versions of QuarkXPress in a study published by the Seybold Report. Based on best practices suggested by users within both design-intensive and production-intensive environments, the report found that new collaboration features contributed heavily to the ability of QuarkXPress 7 to complete workflow in the fastest time. QuarkXPress 7 also produced the most reliable PDF output through the use of the Quark Job Jackets technology.

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