Panasonic Launches LIFI HDTV Display with LIFITM by LUXIM

LUXIM announces that Panasonic has introduced its LIFI HD Television Series powered by LUXIM's long-life LIFITM illumination technology. LIFITM is a new light source that delivers high brightness, long stable performance, fast turn-on time and brilliant colors to Panasonic's industry leading lineup of high definition televisions. While conventional light sources for projection micro-display illumination degrade over time and must be replaced by the consumer during the TV's life, LIFITM enables high levels of screen brightness, contrast and color vividness that last for an extended period of time.

Panasonic's LIFI HDTV is expected to be available in 50, 56 and 61 inch screen sizes at specialty retailers in April 2007. In addition to a superb image and media viewing experience, sleek design and glossy finish options make Panasonic LIFI HDTV a beautiful addition to any home.

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