SanDisk Announces the Sansa Connect Wireless Internet MP3 Player

SanDisk has announced the Sansa Connect, a Wi-Fi enabled MP3 player that lets consumers enjoy and recommend music from almost anywhere1. The Sansa Connect un-tethers consumers from their PCs allowing them to connect to music and online photos through any open wireless "hot spot" Internet connection. Available on retail shelves in the United States in late March, the new Sansa Connect will boast innovative Internet capabilities designed to keep music aficionados connected to a wide range of new music via subscription services and streaming Internet radio with no PC required. Designed to work with premium Internet services, the flash-based MP3 player will also contain community features for recommending music and photos with the simple click of a button and a "live" Wi-Fi connection.

The Sansa Connect provides superior sound playback (equivalent to SanDisk's award-winning Sansa e200 line) and will come equipped with a microSD card slot. The expansion slot adds additional storage capacity as well as portability of music to other devices.

The Sansa Connect feature set includes:
- Wi-Fi "Connect" access or purchase content from select service sites whenever there's an open wireless Internet connection; no PC hookup required;
- Music and photo playback;
- Community connections via the Internet;
- A microSD expansion slot for additional memory capacity;
- Internal speaker to enjoy music with friends;
- Sleek, thin design with large, 2.2" TFT color screen for easy viewing;
- Simple to use, backlit controls for fast device interface navigation;
- Lithium-Ion battery;
- Multi-pin universal connector for "Made for Sansa" accessory upgrades, battery charging and USB 2.0 connectivity.

The Sansa Connect is 2.05 in. wide x 3.58 in. long x 0.63 in. high.

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