Navicore Personal to Be Available for Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Navicore has announced that Navicore Personal will be available for Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, which was announced earlier today by Nokia. Navicore has also announced extended map coverage for Navicore Personal 2007 by introducing maps of North America, Australia, the Middle East and South Africa. Extended map coverage can be used with all Navicore Personal 2007 compatible devices running on Linux (Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and Nokia N800 Internet Tablet) and Symbian S60v3, S80 and UIQv3 operating systems. Compatible Symbian devices include, for example, handsets like Nokia E62 and Nokia N75 among over 30 other supported handsets.

Navicore Personal on the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet combine the best features of navigation software with Internet enhanced navigation, benefiting from the high-resolution widescreen display and portable internet access. Internet enhanced navigation enables people on the move to access various Internet services directly from the Navicore Personal map display on the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, and to easily navigate with clear visual and voice guidance to interesting locations found from the Internet.

Navicore Personal is an easy-to-use GPS-navigator that is specifically developed for connected mobile devices. It is not only a full navigation system for use when driving, cycling or walking, but also a convenient pocket guide that includes thousands of points-of-interest such as restaurants, hotels, petrol stations and local tourist venues. The basic navigation with Navicore Personal is free of charge once the software is installed, as the software and the maps are installed locally on a memory card and no operator network is required.

Currently available map coverage for Navicore Personal 2007 includes maps with street names and house numbers for Europe, Australia, South Africa and the Middle East. Maps of North America will become available in Q1 2007. European and North American map data is supplied by TeleAtlas with highly accurate street maps and rich digital map content, including points of-interest to enable users precisely and easily find the places, people, products and services they seek. The map data meets the stringent quality data requirements of the International Standards Organization (ISO) from National Quality Assurance, and was recently re-issued the 9001:2000 standard certification for ISO quality assurance standards in North America.

Navicore Personal 2007 navigation software will be available for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet as a standalone Navigation Kit that includes the software along with a GPS receiver module and car holder, and it will also be available as a complete all-in-one Navigation Bundle that includes the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet in addition to the Navicore Personal software and GPS receiver.

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