YouSendIt Announces Apple Aperture Plug-In

YouSendIt has announced its Export Plug-In for Apple Aperture, the all-in-one post production tool for photographers developed by Apple Computer. The YouSendIt Export Plug-In for Aperture is the first to allow photographers to send photos directly from within the application. The delivery of these photos can now be seamlessly integrated into the photographers end-to-end workflow of importing photos through the selection and enhancement process to image delivery via the Web.

Aperture has been adopted by some of the world's finest professional photographers. Its latest version, Aperture 1.5, includes many new features, including the ability for developers to build plug-ins for the application. The YouSendIt plug-in allows registered users to send multiple photos to multiple recipients, add comments, and select resolution, file size and file type before sending from within the plug-in. Once sent, the files can be tracked on the YouSendIt website.

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