Acer Offers Notebook PCs with Next-Generation Digital Formats

Acer is now offering both HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats via select notebook PCs. Acer mobile users can now take advantage of the next-generation optical drive formats, including Blu-ray available on the TravelMate 8210 notebook, and HD-DVD offered on the Aspire 9810 notebook. Blu-ray and HD-DVD are the next-generation of optical disc formats for recording, rewriting and playing high definition video and digital data. Both HD-DVD and Blu-ray technology offer advanced interactivity and increased capacity Blu-ray, for example allows the ability to store immense amounts of data - up to 50 gigabytes on a single dual-layer disc, enough to record 26 hours of standard definition television and eight hours of HDTV.

Both the Aspire 9810 and the TravelMate 8210 feature Intel's latest Core 2 Duo processor onboard.

Next-generation dual-core processing capabilities make the TravelMate 8210 a powerful system, offering desktop-like performance, superior productivity, versatility and security to advanced business professionals and corporate users. The TravelMate 8210 series features everything users need to keep up with business demands: the second generation dual-core CPU offers increased performance to support 64-bit applications for the future 64-bit based operating systems, while large dual-channel memory (upgradeable up to 4GB) and generous Hard Disk Drives (up to 160 GB) provides more than enough room to save and manage crucial file archives.

For connectivity, the TravelMate 8210 offers flexible connectivity options, ranging from wireless (WLAN and WPAN), wired (Gigabit Ethernet card) or traditional connectivity (modem). The TravelMate 8210 keeps users in communication through Acer Video Conference technology featuring Voice and Video over IP (VVoIP) support via the LCD panel-mounted Acer OrbiCam and the Acer Bluetooth VoIP phone.

As a true business partner, the TravelMate 8210 is designed to provide safe storage of crucial data and information: the Acer SmartCard Security Solution protects against unauthorized access while the integrated Acer Platinum Secret security software provides one-click encryption/decryption features. In addition, Hard Disk damage has been limited with Acer DASP+ (Disk Anti-Shock Protection) technology.

With configuration flexibility, the new TravelMate 8210 notebook series can adapt on-the-fly with Acer Media Bay modules that allow users to change the current module, replacing it with a second battery, an additional hard-disk or a Blue-ray optical drive.

The TravelMate 8210 notebook series is Windows Vista Capable and comes with Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition preinstalled. Additional installed software includes Acer Empowering Technology, Adobe Reader, Norton AntiVirus, CyberLink Power Producer, NTI CD-Maker.

Providing high-definition multimedia, along with Acer's exclusive Empowering Technology and Acer Arcade entertainment software suites, the Aspire 9810 is a highly-versatile notebook that delivers best-in-class HD-DVD format viewing and an extraordinary audio-visual experience. The Aspire 9810 provides users with an all-in-one multimedia center, incorporating next generation dual-core processing power, top-line NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 graphic chipsets, up to 4GB DDR2 in system memory, and 240GB Intel Matrix RAID ready serial ATA hard drives for serious computing performance.

The Aspire 9810 provides users with a high-definition cinematic experience via a 20.1" widescreen LCD 36% larger than 17" widescreen LCDs incorporates Acer CrystalBrite technology to provide brighter colors, crisp images, and sharp 3D pictures and video. For gaming and image-sensitive applications, the ultra-fast eight millisecond gray-to-gray response time easily handles HD multimedia content, while maximizing playback quality.

Suited for the savvy home user, student or SOHO professional, and or those who desire digital PC television, the Aspire 9810 provides an integrated analog and digital TV tuner. Users can simply connect via an integrated port to the notebook and tune in to TV transmissions. For a realistic and engaging sound reproduction, the notebook integrates two Acer 3DSonic stereo speakers and one Acer BasSonic subwoofer. Dolby Digital Live allows the notebook to be hooked up via a single digital connection to a Dolby Digital-equipped audio/video receiver or digital speaker system, eliminating multiple cables and ensuring the integrity and quality of the audio signal.

As a versatile communications solution, the Aspire 9810 comes bundled with a handy VoIP Bluetooth phone, rechargeable via the PC Card slot. For real-time face-to-face video conferencing, Acer has equipped the Aspire 9810 with the Acer OrbiCam, a 1.3 megapixel camera mounted at the top of the LCD panel.

Acer has equipped all its notebook series with a suite of software utilities Acer Empowering Technology designed to provide users with rapid access to the most advanced management and configuration functions in no more than three mouse-clicks. For example, eDataSecurity Management provides superior security and protection of crucial data by creating a folder that automatically encrypts confidential files, while eRecovery Management allows secure back-up of Hard Disk, OS and personal files. ePerformance Management provides rapid disk and speed optimization along with disk fragmentation functions, while eSettings Management allows intelligent system management. Acer Empowering Technology is launched through the Empowering Keys and provides a set of smart tools designed to make it easy to fully exploit the system's technological power: even the most complex functions are just three clicks away.

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