Acer's New Small Form Factor Desktop PCs Now Available

Acer has announced the US availability of its new AcerPower Small Form Factor Desktop PC range. Enabling significant efficiency and productivity enhancements for SMBs, large businesses and consumers, the Small Form Factor Desktop PCs AcerPower 1000 and 2000 series provide a full-featured system one-tenth the size of a traditional desktop solution. Mindful observation of desktop PC use in large businesses has shown that in several key areas, many standard components of modern PCs are implemented unproductively. As a result, hardware solutions are unsuitable as they provide far more than the business or consumer actually requires.

Based on this analysis, Acer is the first to break with the past. The range of Acer Small Form Factor desktop PCs represent an effective application of Acer's deep awareness of evolving market requirements and broad technological expertise that helped provide a desktop solution that does away with redundant components and peripherals. Designed in a new, budget-saving, efficient and ultra-compact form factor about the size of a small text book Acer desktop solutions brings superior efficiency, enhanced manageability and even greater value for money to the modern home and business environment.

Along with style and ergonomics, the AcerPower 1000 and 2000 desktop PCs offer full-featured, full-performance productivity systems. At less than 8 inches tall and less than 2 ? inches wide, the AcerPower series paired with suitable LCD monitors such as Acer's Office Line provide the optimized environmental impact giving your business more room to expand. Both the 1000 and 2000 series have almost-silent operation, far better than the industry standard at less than 26 decibels of noise, conducive to a productive work environment. In addition, its low power consumption prolongs component life and reduces long-term costs.

AcerPower 1000 Features:
- AMD Athlon 64 Processor technology;
- Up to 2 GB of DDR2 533/667 supports dual-channel configuration for higher throughput;
- Integrated NVIDIA GeForce 6150 graphics card ensuring superior multimedia experience;
- 80GB Series ATA hard disk drive provides ample space to save and manage files;
- Flexible data management via DVD-Dual combo slot-loading drive;
- Connectivity via 802.11b/g WLAN and gigabit LAN;
- Includes Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system and is Windows Vista Capable.

AcerPower 2000 Features:
- New Intel Core 2 Duo processor for outstanding desktop performance and incredible efficiency;
- Enhanced graphics using Intel 946GZ Express chipset with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator GMA 3000 integrated graphics technology ensures dependable platform operation;
- Up to 2 GB of DDR2 533/667 MHz memory with dual-channel support easily handles all memory requirements for multimedia and productivity applications;
- 160GB Series ATA hard disk drive provides generous storage of crucial files and data;
- Flexible data management via Super-Multi drive (DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RAM);
- Available expansion slots include one Mini Card and one Mini PCI;
- Ethernet (RJ-45) port enables Gigabit connection to an office LAN or home broadband service;
- Includes Microsoft Windows Vista Business operating system.

The AcerPower 1000 and 2000 desktop series are equipped with eight USB 2.0 ports for convenient connection of printers, flash drives, VoIP phones and other peripherals. Front and rear access to audio jacks speed up connection of headphones, microphones and other audio peripherals. Both series comes bundled with an Acer keyboard and mouse.

Acer has equipped all its desktop PCs with a suite of software utilities Acer Empowering Technology designed to provide users with rapid access to the most advanced management and configuration functions in no more than three mouse-clicks. For example, eDataSecurity Management provides superior security and protection of crucial data by creating a folder that automatically encrypts confidential files, while eRecovery Management allows secure back-up of Hard Disk, OS and personal files. ePerformance Management provides rapid disk and speed optimization along with disk fragmentation functions, while eSettings Management allows intelligent system management. Acer Empowering Technology is launched through the Empowering Keys and provides a set of smart tools designed to make it easy to fully exploit the system's technological power: even the most complex functions are just three clicks away.

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