DivX Releases New Software for Easy Creation of High-Quality Videos

DivX announces the release of the new software application, DivX Author. Created in partnership with Pegasys/TMPG, DivX Author gives users the tools to create DivX files with advanced DVD-like features including menus, chapter points, multiple subtitles and multiple audio tracks. DivX files with advanced features are fully compatible with DivX Ultra Certified consumer electronics devices available on the global market today, and can also be played back on any of over 50 million DivX Certified devices from a variety of manufacturers.

Simple to use, DivX Author combines DVD-like interactivity with the excellent compression and visual quality users have come to expect from the DivX media format. When constructing videos with advanced features, DivX Author allows users to choose from built-in menu templates or to fully customize their own files through a robust menu creation process.

DivX Ultra Certification is the highest level of DivX certification and ensures hardware support for advanced features such as menus, chapters, multiple subtitles and multiple audio tracks. It guarantees a rich cinematic experience and greater interoperability for DivX video files.

DivX Author accepts large variety of input formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, WMV, DivX, and QuickTime.

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