Sling Media to Support Windows Vista with New SlingPlayer Software

Sling Media has announced a customized version of its SlingPlayer software designed to take advantage of the new, powerful features being offered in the Windows Vista Premium operating system from Microsoft.

Sling Media's Slingbox product line and its client software, SlingPlayer, will include multiple new features enabled by Windows Vista. These new features include a full screen viewing mode that takes advantage of Aero Glass by allowing SlingPlayer controls and customized TV remote controls to transparently overlay on top of the video stream from the Slingbox. The Windows Vista gadgets feature will also allow multiple versions of the SlingPlayer, each attached to a separate Slingbox, to run in the Windows Sidebar. These individual video streams can be expanded and contracted by the user as interest changes from one specific video feed to many simultaneous feeds at the same time.

New and existing Slingbox customers will be able to take advantage of SlingPlayer for Windows Vista when it first becomes available in Q2, 2007. In the interim period between launch of the Windows Vista OS and the release of the new SlingPlayer software, Slingbox customers can download and use Sling Media's most recent version of SlingPlayer, released in late December, on their new Windows Vista-based PCs.

Sling Media and Microsoft formed a strategic relationship in 2006 to deliver this optimized solution that provides Slingbox customers with innovative new features enabled by Windows Vista. Microsoft has been Sling Media's platform partner since the company was first incorporated in 2004 and the SlingPlayer software is built on top of the Windows Media 9 platform. The tighter marketing and business development relationship is a natural evolutionary next step as the market for placeshifting products and technologies becomes more mature in 2007, helped along by innovative new computing platforms like Windows Vista.

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