Harman Kardon Issues Drive + Play II

Harman Kardon has announced the Harman Kardon Drive + Play II, the ultimate media manager for automotive use. Drive + Play II enables drivers to safely and conveniently manage multiple portable devices with a single screen and controller. The product features full browsing capability for portable music devices, including the Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune. Drive + Play II also includes Harman Net, an expandable port and software package for Bluetooth hands free mobile phone communications and SIRIUS satellite radio. In addition, Drive + Play II is user upgradeable and expandable to support future devices and functions.

Drive + Play II combines the following features:
1. Incorporating a wireless control knob, 3.5 inch full color screen, and lighter adapter hub, Drive + Play II can be mounted to suit the driver's preferred locations. In addition, Drive + Play II includes a hard-wire harness for those looking to conceal the hub and cables.
2. Unique music browsing features suited for setting the mood while driving. With the simple touch of a button, users can create their own personal DJ. Drive + Play II recognizes the current song selection and plays more, or less, songs in the library from that particular artist, album or genre as selected. An innovative search function enables users to select a menu category and spell out their search name using the wireless control knob, making it easy to find exactly what they are looking for. Drive + Play II also features voice prompt, allowing consumers to hear what menu they are currently browsing.
3. Dynamic Channel creation takes the shuffle function to a new level. Drive + Play II organizes the content stored on a digital music player and creates distinct listening channels for the user. Selecting a channel allows users to listen to all songs and artists in their library; that fall into a specific grouping based on the content stored in any connected player. If the music within the generated channel is considered too broad, users can narrow the channel by choosing to play more or less of a particular style.
4. Bluetooth and satellite radio expansions allow these devices to be centrally controlled by Drive + Play II. A Bluetooth adapter and embedded microphone provide hands free cell phone use, while A2DP technology streams digital music from a phone to the Drive + Play II using the Bluetooth connection. A Sirius satellite radio adapter is also available, allowing station selection and search with the Drive + Play II wireless control knob.
5. Easy-to-use wireless remote control knob provides optimal menu searching and navigation. Incrementally faster scrolling and a letter announcement feature makes finding music fast and easy. The knob also features quick access to many common features by simply pressing and holding the menu button.

Drive + Play II is easily installed in any make and model automobile using an auxiliary line connection, hardwired FM connection or included wireless FM transmitter.

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