Pocket-Sized DocuPen RC800 from PlanOn Revealed

The latest version of the DocuPen RC800, a pocket-sized color scanner from PlanOn Systems Solutions that scans full-page hard-copy documents, images and photographs for transfer to users' PCs, is now released. The patented device can now scan at higher color resolutions, offers three new mobile accessories including a mobile charger that extends DocuPen runtime to 24 hours of continuous use per charge, and can be purchased in an all-in-one DocuPen Executive Kit to provide a complete scanning solution for the road.

The newest release of the DocuPen RC800 offers a 24-bit color scanning option as well as the 12-bit color, grayscale and monochrome scanning modes available in earlier editions, enabling business and student users to scan items ranging from newspapers, magazines, books, notes, court documents, medical records and reference materials to photos, receipts, contracts, sketches, certificates, invoices, maps and blueprints. It has a built-in processor, an 8 MB on-board flash memory, and a memory slot that allows the user to add MicroSD memory cards for almost unlimited scanning capacity. It is powered by a Li-Ion rechargeable battery making it completely PC-independent, weighs just 1.75 oz, and is slightly larger than a pen.

The new portable DocuPen accessories add longer life between charges, universal charging and memory reading for multiple devices, and flexibility when traveling. They are:
- A Universal Mobile Charger that fully charges the DocuPen in just 15 minutes from any AC power outlet to provide 24 hours of continuous use. (When charged from a PC as it is plugged into the USB port to transfer files, the DocuPen delivers 40 minutes of continuous use.) Each three-hour charge of the tiny UMC device itself provides 55 DocuPen recharges. Additional connectors will soon be available to charge all major cell phones, PDA's and digital cameras, eliminating the need to carry different chargers for each device.
- A Universal Memory Reader that reads nine types of memory cards to allow data to be transferred to a PC not only from the DocuPen but also from PDAs, cellphones, digital cameras, video camcorders and MP3 players. The UMR plugs directly in the USB port and is smaller than an iPod.
- A retractable USB cable for connecting the DocuPen to a PC, providing a compact travel solution without risk of tangling and associated damage.

The accessories can be purchased individually or as part of an Executive Kit that aggregates all components necessary for portable scanning into a single aluminum box. The kit includes the DocuPen, Universal Mobile Charger, Universal Memory Reader, retractable USB cable, one MicroSD memory module, PaperPort SE document management and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, and a leather case for the DocuPen itself.

Minimum system requirements include a PC running Windows 2000/ME/XP or Mac OS/X, a CD-ROM drive, 128 MB RAM, 60 MB hard disk space, and a USB port.

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