Roxio My TVToGo Added to the AMD LIVE! Entertainment Suite

Roxio, a division of Sonic Solutions, has announced the inclusion of My TVToGo as part of the AMD LIVE! Entertainment Suite, a family of practical software applications designed to help consumers enrich the AMD LIVE! PC experience. The inclusion of My TVToGo will enable users to easily convert stored TV programs, for use on portable devices.

The AMD LIVE! Entertainment Suite is composed of a number of user-friendly applications designed to work with as many devices as possible, and thereby enhance and improve consumers' media center PC experiences. The AMD LIVE! solution helps consumers manage, access, connect, store, distribute, and enjoy digital media content virtually anytime or anywhere. With the addition of My TVToGo, users can now seamlessly prepare favorite stored TV programs for easy conversion for use on portable media players and smartphones.

My TVToGo enables users to convert Windows Media Center and other DVR recorded content to portable devices. With ReadySync users save time by automatically converting shows when they finish recording, without user intervention. Based on the portable device attached; My TVToGo immediately transcodes the content without the user having to worry about the details.

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