Samsung Exhibits Wide Range of Next-gen LCD Displays at CES 2007

Samsung says it will exhibit a comprehensive portfolio of next-generation LCD panels at the Consumer Electronics Show 2007, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8 through 11. Particularly noteworthy new Samsung panels include a double-sided 2.22" wide LCD that shows different images on both sides of the same screen for mobile applications, a 70" diagonal, full-HD LCD TV panel for the home, and an 82" diagonal, digital information display for public settings.

Samsung's new 2.22" double-sided LCD - being exhibited for the first time at CES 2007 - is the first product to display two different images back to back in an ultra-thin mechanical package. It is 1mm slimmer than typical display modules (3.85mm) used in mobile phones, enabling truly differentiated multimedia handset designs. Other commercially available double-sided LCDs simply consist of two panels placed one on top of the other that can only display the reverse image of identical screen content. Meanwhile, Samsung will introduce the largest (70" diagonal) full-high-definition LCD for consumer television applications. At CES 2007, Samsung will augment its initial success with 40" and 46" diagonal screen size standards by exhibiting a new 52" diagonal LCD screen standard that reproduces full HD video images at 120Hz with enhanced motion picture response time. The 52" panel will be produced later this year on the company's most advanced 8th generation LCD manufacturing line.

For the lucrative DID market, the company will demonstrate several products that enable system designers to mount giant LCD panels adjacent to each other with minimal distance separating the display's active viewing area. These include a 46" diagonal touch-screen DID, a 40" diagonal model with narrow bezels left and right, a 46" diagonal panel also for use with narrow bezel designs, as well as 57" and 82" diagonal DIDs.

Finally, Samsung will display a wide portfolio of LCD panels for computer monitor applications, including a 30" wide aspect ratio model, which is the industry's largest LCD panel of its type. A variety of graphically-rich, ultra-slim high-resolution notebook PCs panels will be shown that are suited to enhance the viewing experience when used in conjunction with the new Windows Vista operating system.

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