Pretec i-Disk Micro Reader

Pretec has released i-Disk Micro Reader - the smallest USB Micro SD card reader in the world. Capable of reading Micro SD capacities from 32MB to 2GB and fully compliant with USB 2.0 specification, users of PRETEC i-Disk Micro can easily can share, copy or synchronize your favorite MP3's and other data, even ring tones on a PC or notebook through any standard USB port. i-Disk Micro Reader's cover is designed with rounded corners and edges to prevent scratches when carried around with a mobile phone or PDA. The clear see through window allows the user to easily identify the capacity of the Micro SD.

With more and more new models of hand held device having built-in Micro SD card slot (including cellular, PDA, MP3, DSC and notebook), Pretec i-Disk Micro Reader is a suitable companion for today's mobile devices. It's one of the smallest card readers in the world with stylish design and fast data exchange. Powerful file sharing functionality is definitely a must have accessory for your digital life.

Pretec has also announced i-Disk Reader II/II Plus and 20-in-1 Card Reader. Both of these card readers can specially support the newest SD2.0 specification (SDHC Card). Pretec SDHC cards (SD 2.0) format differently than standard SD cards (SD 1.1) and are not backward compatible with legacy SD 1.1 host devices. Pretec 8GB SD card is fully compliant with SD 2.0 (SDHC) specification, with theoretical maximum capacity of up to 32GB.

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