Toshiba Showcasing First Notebook Computer with HD DVD-R Drive

Toshiba has showcased its new Qosmio audio-video notebook computer with integrated HD DVD-R optical drive, the first notebook computer with the ability to burn HD DVDs, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2007 in Las Vegas. With the addition of the HD DVD-R optical drive, the Qosmio notebook provides users with a state-of-the-art multimedia notebook that can burn up to 30 GB of data, including video or entire photo and music libraries, onto a single HD DVD recordable disc. The HD DVD-R optical drive also plays HD DVD movies at a resolution that is six times sharper than the DVD format.

Taking advantage of the capabilities of its included genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate operating system, Qosmio pushes the digital entertainment envelope further by incorporating an HDTV tuner, enabling Qosmio to natively receive high-definition digital television content. With the ability to not only burn HD DVDs but work natively as a high-definition TV tuner and digital video recorder, the Qosmio becomes a full-featured high-definition multimedia center.

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