Atlantic Introduces the EGO Waterproof Sound Case for iPod

Atlantic has announced its latest consumer electronic accessory innovation the EGO Waterproof Sound Case for iPod that expands the way consumers use their iPods. Designed to house the fourth- and fifth-generation iPod models as well as the iPod nanos and minis, the EGO Waterproof Sound Case is a portable boom box, featuring waterproof speakers, sealed base venting ports and sound powered by dual, full-range neodymium drivers. The silicone gasket and snap-locking latch protects the iPod while providing waterproof control via the click wheel membrane. Waterproof controls make it easy to turn the unit on and off, select songs or adjust the volume. Powered by four AA batteries, the Waterproof Sound Case plays music or videos continuously for 30 hours. When the user forgets to turn the unit off, it automatically shuts down after two and a half minutes of inactivity, preserving battery life.

The EGO Waterproof Sound Case is spill-proof, shatter-proof, waterproof, resistant to sea or pool water corrosion and it floats. Users can now listen to music or watch videos in the shower or pool, at the park or tailgate parties, on road trips, at the office or anywhere they want to share their iPod music.

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