Pretec i-Disk Jelly Released

Pretec has expanded the portfolio of the smallest USB flash Drive in the world by introducing the new i-Disk Jelly, a soft touch cover and fashion accessory based on patented i-Disk Tiny. With lively housing design, Pretec i-Disk Jelly combines characteristic concept and amusing feature to add to your storage vivacity and style. Capacities ranging from 128MB to 4GB, the housing is changeable with translucent orange, green, blue, red, and black. An extra Jelly housing is included for changing to match your mood or outfit.

Special software features such as Auto login, Mobile lock, and Mobile mail management for productivity and secure data mobility and confidentiality. Auto login software offers a solution to login to web pages automatically without entering a password or special information requirement. Mobile Lock makes USB flash disk as a key to protect user computer. When user removes the USB flash drive, Mobile Lock will lock the PC or notebook with a photo slideshow until a password is entered. Mobile Mail allows the user to send or receive email without leaving and personal data in public PC.

Based on Pretec i-Disk Tiny (the smallest USB flash drive in the world until 2005), which has been hailed by TIME Magazine (Nov. 2003) as "Best Gear of 2003", capacity up to 4GB, enough for 2-hr video playback in MPEG4 format, i-Disk Jelly integrates security and productivity software with a stylish design and is another innovative combination of eye-catching fashion accessory and digital gadget that can enable a sense of "Store In Style", satisfying both your business and personal storage needs in trendy settings wherever you go.

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