Corel Announces Update to InterVideo DVD Copy 5

Corel has announced an update to the InterVideo DVD Copy 5 Platinum software. Featuring simplified copy, conversion and burning capabilities, DVD Copy 5 is designed for consumers who want a fast, easy way to safeguard and share their personal video, music, photo and data files and for those who want to enjoy their multimedia files while on-the-go. In addition to performance and compatibility features that enhance and expand the DVD Copy experience, the update offers Windows Vista certification for consumers migrating to Microsoft's latest operating system.

New capabilities available with the DVD Copy update include support for video recorded by TiVo Series 2 digital video recorders, the ability to convert personal videos and TV shows for Zune portable players and support for the highest quality video supported by the 5th generation iPod . For even faster conversions, the patch optimizes DVD Copy for Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

By converting video files into the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format, users can pack 85 hours of high-quality video into a 30GB video iPod or about 2.5 hours on a 1GB PSP memory stick. The new high-resolution 640x480 (4:3 standard) and 640x352 (16:9 widescreen) output capabilities give users an easy way to enjoy their personal videos on their living room TV in stunning near-DVD quality.

Consumers can use the DVD Copy update with their Windows XP system today to enjoy the new TiVo, Zune and Core 2 Duo optimization features. For users who have already migrated to Windows Vista, the update also includes Works with Windows Vista certified support. With support for virtually all formats, including Dual-layer DVDs, DivX and HDV, DVD Copy 5 Platinum is a universal solution for protecting, sharing and converting files to meet the needs of today's more mobile users. You can even create mobile phone videos for LG, Samsung, Motorola and Nokia 3G handsets using the 3GPP/3GPP2 format.

Featuring CopyLater technology, DVD Copy 5 Platinum offers the convenience of high-quality output performed when the computer is idle, allowing uninterrupted batch conversion of videos while the user is somewhere else or asleep. The new TV Show to Go feature can regularly check your PC for new TV recorded shows and video downloads then automatically convert them. DVD Copy 5 can even automatically calculate the best audio and video bit-rate settings to save space and can schedule transfers to their portable devices at specified times.

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