Logitech Says It's Ready for Windows Vista

Logitech says it will showcase its portfolio of peripherals designed to work with Windows Vista at the Consumer Electronics Show next week. In anticipation of the consumer rollout of Microsoft's new operating system, expected in late January, Logitech has designed peripherals that help people take better advantage of the new Windows Vista experience. While more than 100 Logitech peripherals will work with Windows Vista, some Logitech peripherals are optimized for the new OS. Products such as the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 3200 Laser offer easy access to the innovative navigational features of Windows Vista, such as Flip 3D, while others such as the QuickCam Ultra Vision Special Edition webcam complement the striking new Windows Vista visual experience. The new products will be showcased in the Microsoft pavilion as well as in the Logitech booth.

The Logitech portfolio of peripherals that work with Windows Vista enhance the use of Windows Vista for productivity, for communications and for use with a notebook PC.

Enhancing Productivity

In addition to being fully compatible with Windows Vista, several of Logitech's mice and keyboards include buttons that provide quick access to some of the Windows Vista productivity features. With one-touch buttons such as Flip 3D and Search Photo Gallery, the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 3200 Laser mouse-and-keyboard combination enables people using Windows Vista to find and navigate digital content with exceptional speed and comfort. The keyboard's touch-sensitive Dynamic Search and Zoom slider is particularly helpful when viewing numerous thumbnails in Windows Photo Gallery or when viewing search results. Another product for enhanced productivity, the Logitech MX Revolution cordless laser mouse has a dedicated Flip 3D thumb wheel so people don't have to move their hand from their mouse when changing applications. For these keyboards and mice, Logitech expects a late-January release of Version 3.3 of the company's SetPoint software, which will provide Windows Vista compatibility.

Crystal-Clear Communications

Logitech's webcams and headsets that are Certified for Windows Vista make it possible for people to enjoy crystal-clear PC communications. The QuickCam 10.5 software the newest upgrade to Logitech's video software will support all of Logitech's currently shipping webcams. The new software is expected to be released at the end of January in conjunction with the release of the QuickCam Ultra Vision Special Edition webcam. The new webcam is black and silver, which reflects the design of Windows Vista. The QuickCam 10.5 software is optimized for Windows Vista and includes a number of webcam-specific gadgets, including QuickVideo, QuickPicture and QuickView. Logitech plans to develop additional gadgets for Windows Vista, giving quick access to popular webcam commands.

Essentials for Notebook Users

Logitech notebook peripherals, designed for comfort and convenience, optimize the Windows Vista experience for people at home, in the office or on the road. The Logitech VX Revolution cordless laser mouse for notebooks provides easy access to new Windows Vista features such as Windows Flip 3D. The One-Touch Search button is great for quick Web searches, and the zoom slider gives people the ability to effortlessly zoom in and out of photos, spreadsheets and documents.

Complementing the Windows Vista Visual Experience

Like the QuickCam Ultra Vision Special Edition, several of Logitech's latest products complement the new visual Windows Vista experience. For example, the Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard has a striking design that makes a bold statement for any system running Windows Vista. The keyboard's clean lines and premium materials complement the Windows Aero interface, as do hidden controls that light up at a touch and fade into the background when not in use. And the black and silver design of the Logitech Premium Notebook Headset embodies the Windows Vista design elements. Both products are an attractive addition to a computer with Windows Vista.

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