TekMethods Professional Asset Manager Program Launched

TekMethods has announced the launch of the TekMethods Professional Asset Manager program. TekMethods' PAM program is a highly customizable offering that provides client organizations with one or more on-site IT asset management professionals as dedicated resources to ensure the long-term success of ITAM solutions.

For an ITAM program to be successful, trained individuals must be dedicated to the program to both manage its technical aspects and achieve the promised value of ITAM, such as compliance and cost management. The trained, dedicated resources must also understand the data fully to maintain its accuracy and proactively find new uses for the information.

Key features of TekMethods' PAM Program include:
- Increased accuracy and usefulness of the asset data;
- Increased client satisfaction due to realized value;
- No required permanent addition to staff; TekMethods assumes the human resource responsibilities;
- No internal resources must be diverted to managing the ITAM solution;
- Ongoing training and development of the ITAM professional which enhances the program and its usage over time;
- Variety of program offerings which are tailored to client-specific needs and requirements.

TekMethods utilizes a comprehensive ITAM methodology that surpasses "software only" solutions by combining expert counsel with proven technology innovation and business process solutions. TekMethods is solely focused on ITAM, unlike large IT vendors and consulting services companies for whom ITAM is not a core competency.

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