CROSSLYNX, Software Based SBC for NAT Traversal Solution

MailVision Ltd., has announced CROSSLYNX, its SBC (Session Border Controller) software based for NAT Traversal Solution, that enables all SIP end point devices to traverse NATs without compromising on security and ensures reliable services to customers entering the VoIP market.

CROSSLYNX is a highly integrated software package, composed of an Outbound SIP proxy server, a SIP registrar server and a SIP B2BUA to enable detection of SIP User Agents' NAT/Firewall status. It also includes an enhanced Media Relay feature which supports multiple network interfaces. MailVision is a innovator in SIP solutions, offering its customers a full range of services in a single and fully integrated platform. Applications which have been widely deployed include; Voice Mail, Conferencing, IVR services, Prepaid and Call Back.

MailVision plans on adding the CROSSLYNX as part of its "ITSP in a Box" bundled solution that is designed for service providers planning a quick and cost effective entry into the VoIP service market. The ITSP in a Box is an all in one package that includes; a SIP proxy server, Prepaid and Postpaid Billing, Voice Mail (light), and SIP soft-phone clients.

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